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One personThrough careful counseling and treatment tailored to each individual, we hope to take advantage of your individuality and improve your facial appearance, complexion, and impression, making you shine even more.

We aim to create high-quality hairstyles that look good on you and give you a natural, mature look that will never fade.

・Proposal of hair color that incorporates personal color and improves the appearance of the face

Eco-friendly design

・Advice on makeup colors and fashion colors that will make your face look better ・Solutions for color selection problems

24/7 Support

_DSC6380.jpg yasu-hairdesigner yasu Yasu Personal Hair Color Hair Color Diagnosis

・Matching haircuts that match your head shape, face shape, and body parts

Advanced Tech

・Create the texture of the tips of your hair carefully

Sophisticated and long-lasting style by adjusting hair volume

Licensed Professionals

・Realization of the desired image

Help with self-production

Multilingual Functionality

Real name: Yasuhiro Sato

​ Birthplace    Nara City

​Hollywood Beauty College Graduated


Hairdresser experience: 18 years

Tokyo/Minami Aoyama “HAIR DIMENSION” 10 years

Ginza “heel” 2 years

~ the current

​16 type personal color analyst qualification acquired

​ (Lapis Academy)​

・Damageless treatments and hair quality improvement treatments tailored to your hair type

First-Rate Materials

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