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Hair colors and matching haircuts that make your face look better
Personal color consulting





Brigten Your Face
​Brigten Your Life

First impression greatly improved
Matching hairstyles that bring out your charm to the fullest and make your face look better

We want to bring out the best in each customer and make them shine even more. customerWe want to provide more personal service to each person. 

That's calledI am working as both a professional personal color consultant and a hairdresser.Masu.


In addition to the general beauty salon menu, we offer a hair color menu that improves facial appearance, complexion, and impression, making use of the knowledge, experience, and track record of personal color consultants and hairdressers, and the results of each individual's personal color diagnosis.[Personal hair color]We are making suggestions.


Also,[4 seasons personal color diagnosis] [16 types personal color consulting]We offer two types of personal color diagnosis services, and even after the diagnosis, we accept questions and consultations regarding color selection.


Just as we create a beautiful style with a haircut that matches your head shape, face parts, and hair type, we analyze your natural body color and create hair and makeup colors that match your personal color. We believe that by proposing fashion colors, we can make each customer shine even more.

If you are looking for a salon in Omotesando where you can receive hair color treatment that takes advantage of your personal color, personal color diagnosis, and consultation, please feel free to contact us.



[Personal hair color]

With the knowledge, techniques, and methods of professional personal color analysts and hairdressers, hair color that suits your face and enhances your face, complexion, and impression takes advantage of each person's personal color.


Using color psychology and color imagery, we can suggest hair colors that not only suit you but also achieve the image you are aiming for.


We will create your own hair color that brings out your charm and makes your face shine.


Approximately 60 minutes ¥11,000~ (tax included)

(*Please tell us your personal color type in 4 seasons or 16 types.)

[16 types personal color consulting]

This is a new method of personal color diagnosis that further categorizes the conventional 4-season color types by color tone, making it possible to clarify colors that suit each person in more detail and propose a color tone that best suits each person.


You can significantly improve your impression than a 4-season diagnosis.

In addition, we will advise you on how to incorporate personal colors (fashion, makeup, and hair colors) using color psychology and color images, so that you not only look good but also achieve the image you are aiming for.

90 minutes ¥22,000 (tax included)

[4 seasons personal color diagnosis]

Quick diagnosis. We will diagnose color groups that harmonize with your natural characteristics and look attractive in 4 seasons (spring), (summer), (autumn), and (winter). We will analyze the colors that give you a good complexion and a good impression.


60 minutes ¥11,000 (tax included)



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 KHANH HOA Omotesando


4-14-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Omotesando Heights 101

​3 minutes walk from A2 exit of Omotesando station

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