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Personal color diagnosis

Do you know the color that makes you shine? ?
Maximize your charm and improve your appearanceI can see the colorsPersonal color diagnosis

Personal color has the meaning of ``your own color'', but...

A color that harmonizes with each person's unique color (an individual's external characteristics such as skin, eyes, hair, etc.) and brings out each person's individuality.​​



and,What is personal color diagnosis?, skin, hair, eyes, cheeks, lipsIt is to analyze the body color that a person was born with and find a color that will improve the impression of the person (color that suits them = personal color).



Your personal color found through personal color diagnosis,youIt brings out the charm of you and makes you shine.

``Do you know the effects of the colors you wear and that there are certain colors that make you shine? ”

There are many colors in the world,​Depending on the individuality each person is born withDo you know the effect that color has on facial reflection, complexion, and impression? ?

We often hear that "a person's first impression is 70% of their appearance," but color has a huge impact on the atmosphere and image it gives a person, as well as the complexion and reflection of the face. It affects you.



The color you wear changes the reflection, complexion, and impression of your face.



The closer things are to your face, such as the color of your clothes, hair color, and makeup color, the more they affect your complexion and facial appearance.





concreteWhat kind of impact does it have?

The effect that matching colors have on your face



・Looks healthy and has a good complexion

・Becomes brighter

[Skin texture]

・Produces shine and transparency

・Looks like smooth skin

[Face contour]

- Enhances contours and makes the face look smaller

・Face line lifts up

・Looks like a three-dimensional face


- Makes your eyes look lively and shiny


・Looks youthful

- Pigmentation and skin problems are less noticeable

How colors that don't suit your face affect your face


- Looks pale and unhealthy

・Pale, yellowish, dull, darkening

[Skin texture]

- Loss of shine and skin looks rough

[Face contour]

・The outline of the face becomes blurred and the impression of the face fades.

-Face looks swollen

・The face loses its three-dimensional appearance and looks flat


・Appears to be sleepy and absent-minded


・Dark circles and fine lines under the eyes are emphasized

・Looks older

- Pigmentation and skin problems are noticeable

By knowing your personal color, you can avoid colors that have negative effects. Wearing a personal color that suits you has a very positive effect, improving your appearance, complexion, and impression, making you shine.

​16 Type Personal Color Analyst Yasu's personal color diagnosis menu includes the following two types..

[4 seasons personal color diagnosis] 

¥15,400 (tax included) Approximately 60 minutes


General personal color diagnosis.

Diagnose the "harmonious color" group that fits with your natural characteristics in 4 seasons (spring) (summer) (autumn) (winter), and consult to bring out your charm with hair, makeup, fashion colors, etc. We will give you some advice.




[16 types personal color consulting] 

¥22,000 (tax included) Approximately 90 minutes


Using 16 Type Color Method®︎More details than the 4th seasonMenu to diagnose.

The colors that suit you better become clearer, and you can diagnose not only ``colors that harmonize with you,'' but also ``colors that make your face look good,'' which was not clear in the 4th season.

Furthermore,We will also find the best color that suits you, taking into account the subtle differences in each person's personality.


Since you can see the second season that suits you best, you can expand your range of color choices.

Instead of the limited color usage that is common in conventional personal color diagnosis, there is a wide variety of color coordination variations, and it is possible to express yourself according to your TPO.

Also,We use color psychology and color imagery to provide consultation and advice on color usage for hair, makeup, and fashion, so that you not only look good but also achieve the image you are aiming for.


You can significantly improve your impression and acquire knowledge that will make you shine.

Both are not simple diagnoses, but analyze the natural body color of the skin, hair, eyes, cheeks, lips, etc. under the necessary lighting, and then apply many drapes (colored cloth) in front of the mirror. As we explain, we will look at the detailed differences in facial reflection.

By doing so, you can derive a personal color that brings out the person's charm (a color that blends well with the skin and makes the face look good).


Then, based on that personal color, we will advise you on how to use colors according to your lifestyle, desired image, concerns, and requests.

Personal color diagnosis limits the colors that look good on you, rather than simply narrowing down your color choices.

Learn about colors and methods to make yourself shine

Generally speaking, if you categorize it broadly, there are many different types of pink, even if it is the same pink.


Thin, soft pinks don't suit youReBright pink looks good on you, but even pink will suit you differently depending on the color tone, brightness, vividness, and turbidity of the color.


You may be able to discover a color that suits you, even if you had given up on it and thought it wouldn't suit you.


White is a very popular and often worn color, but which white color will enhance your face, complexion, and impression will vary from person to person.


Also, this does not mean that you should not wear colors that have been diagnosed as unsuitable, but there are ways to incorporate your favorite colors and favorite items without damaging your appearance, complexion, or impression, even if you are diagnosed as unsuitable. I will also tell you.

Saves time, money and resourcesMeritTo too

Not only does it improve your appearance, but it also has the advantage of saving time, money, and resources, such as reducing the amount of time it takes to choose clothes and cosmetics, and eliminating shopping mistakes.


  Not only clothes and cosmetics, but also accessories, small items, interior decoration, cars, etc. There is nothing that we wear on a daily basis that does not have color.


I think it will be useful as a basis for making decisions when shopping for expensive items or items that will last a lifetime and you don't want to make a mistake.

Even if you are not interested in fashion and trends or don't have the time and effort to think about it,


If you know your personal color, just by choosing items in that color, you can improve your facial appearance and complexion with just a T-shirt or shirt.


It will lead you to a higher-grade impression without having to think or worry about it.

The personal color that makes you look good is different for each person, depending on the body color they were born with.


By considering your own personal color, such as the hair color you want, the atmosphere you want, and how to incorporate trends, you can stay fashionable without compromising your appearance.

□I want to know which colors suit me and make me look good

□I want to improve my complexion and appearance

□I want to improve my first impression/appearance impression

□I want people to compliment me on how nice I am.

□I want to achieve the image I want

□Self-expression according to TPOI want to self-produce


□I want to know how to incorporate and utilize personal colors

□I don't want to be influenced by trends, but I want to incorporate them properly.

□I want to wear fashion that suits me and improves my appearance.

□Color selectionI want to solve my problems

​□I want to reduce worrying time and mistakes when shopping

□ Without thinking about itI want to improve my appearance and impression

If at least one of these applies to you, I think this will help you.




By knowing the individuality you are born with, you can follow up on it, correct it, and even develop and refine it.

By shining with a polishing method that matches your unique personality, you can improve your facial appearance, complexion, and impression, and achieve the image you want.pictureYou can

`` A person who understands the colors and knowledge that bring out your charm and make you shine.color diagnosis”

With our motto of careful counseling and careful treatment, we will work closely with each customer and advise them on how to make the most of their personal color in their future lives.

If you know your own personal color, make sure to color your hair to take advantage of it! !

[Personal hair color]

We incorporate each person's personal color into hair color using professional knowledge, demonstrate the positive effects of the color you wear, and propose and apply hair colors that improve your facial appearance, complexion, and impression, and improve your appearance. A hair color menu that will make your hair shine.

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